Monday, November 19, 2012

Event Basket 3

My third event basket is made from braided Yellow Flag Iris leaves and was woven as a demonstration piece during the Eastside Culture Crawl this past weekend. 

The Yellow Flag Iris is an invasive plant, it's beautiful yellow flowers producing a huge number of very fertile seeds that help it spread through local waterways - taking over the habitat of local plants such as Bulrush.  The soft pink base of the leaves and the clean white from the inner folds provide interesting colour variations along with pale green, gold, ecru, dark brown and black.

For this basket I pre-soaked the leaves and left them to mellow under a wet towel for the duration of the event.  The leaves were plaited into a 5 strand braid, coiled and stitched.

Woven Top Hat

Woven of Western Red Cedar this chase weave twined hat is on display at Athena Atelier Studio/gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thursday, November 15, 2012

An invitation

You’re all invited to visit my studio space during
The Eastside Culture Crawl!

The Urban Weaver Studio is located at the corner of Keefer St and Heatley Ave @ McLean Park in the caretaker’s suite
(Building B04 on the Eastside Culture Crawl maps) 

Look for the yellow balloons and the sign board

(Address: 710 Keefer St)